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Flooring..but with your personality

This is where its our time to shine, to give your floor that '' savile row'' Bespoke, made to measure finish. If you could dress your floors in designer branded fashion outfits...then we would unquestionably be the finest tailors in the world.  

Impressed?.. You should be. This personalised, hand cut design flooring is in a different league when it comes to floor art. We have formed a team of A-LIST flooring artists who quite simply are ''the best, of the best...of the BEST'' installers, not only in the UK but Europe and beyond.


With  amazing craftsmanship, extraordinary skills, and a huge passion in what we do, we can personalise your floor space with something incredibly unique, personal, and as adventurous as you want.

We have produced these ''one-off'' hand crafted floors to bars & restaurants, cinema areas, and kids bedrooms. Corporate branded offices and trendy new workspaces are also using this service to showcase their logo and slogans at their reception area.

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