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Initial Design Layout
Before Installing The Design
Copying The Design
Complete Match To The Design

  Unveil your designs to us

& Let us get our teeth into it

After all that hard work you did creating your spacing, zoning & floor design for the client, you have created their dream design. Bravo! The next step is pass it to us and lets turn this into reality.

Not sure if the colour or design is going to work? We can create a visual layout with the flooring for you,   all we need is a picture of the area!  we then set our wizards to work to create what the finished floor would look like.  You can show this to your client for approval, listen to there thoughts and ideas, make changes if necessary, get the thumbs up & then ''put the wheels in motion'' 

Working to plans and layouts, we transform a plain floor space into an exact duplicate of your design. Delivering a professional finish for your client to stand back and be ''WOWED'

carpet tile spec drawing
visual impression of flooring
visual carpet design layout

Here's How We ROLL

We Listen & Understand.

If you're coming to us, there's a fair chance you already have your ideas and deigns all in place, but that doesn't mean we dont want to hear them and share your passion & motivation behind it all. Taking time to appreciate the effort and trouble you have already put into the project means we can listen and allow us to understand the core values and what you expect the finished article to represent.

understanding the important role that the creative design plays in both the physical and visual experience of your design is key to a great collaboration with you.


We know your designs will need to encapsulate certain elements set out by your client. Your ideas are showcasing their visions, their personal branding & their identity which they want you to launch into their environment. maybe its themed, maybe its futuristic, modern or biophilic. 

It may be that reusable, recyclable and sustainable materials must play a key role in the design and choice. Once we have the key ingredients to your plans we can assist, support, and offer additional advice on new products that tick all the right boxes.

Floor Zoning & Wayfinding Flooring

Area zoning and wayfinding with flooring is becoming a mainstream design feature throughout the workplace now. Allowing not only staff, but visitors to enjoy the spaces. Breakout areas, meeting pods, and recreational spots are currently a huge favourite and one that just keeps on growing with designers who are constantly raising the bar for quirky and innovative ways to display this.

offering clarity and ease to glide through the floor levels with transitional areas using bright, bold, vivid colours is really where the flooring can take on a leading role.

Luckily for you, THIS IS OUR FORTE, we relish and excel in quirky, colourful flooring...its what we do best.

Zoning and wayfinding flooring
zoning and wayfinding designs
wayfinding zone stripe carpet tile
wayfinding markers on floor
stripe floor zoning project
social distancing floor layout
wayfinding floor ideas to use
physical floor zoning floor plan
arrow floor marking wayfinding & zoning
single track floor zoning and wayfinding
arrow floor zoning
floor zoning with markers

Floor zoning has never been more vital right now with social distancing and physical distancing, Allowing people across all platforms of their work to continue duties unhindered, and in a safe and practical manner for everyone. We can provide all the answers and needs you have to set out a path using social distancing floor products, available in carpet tile, LVT & sheet vinyl forms amongst others.


All the designs, colours & materials have been chosen... its time to let us weave our magic across the floor. First things first...

Subfloor Preparartion

The old saying of ''fail to prepare is to prepare to fail'' ... This is the most vital part of the flooring install and should always take main priority on EVERY project.

Years of experience, non stop training courses & regular upskilling events attended by us ensures we not only have the knowledge and experience with tackling subfloors, but forging solid relationships with the industries leading manufacturers means we can always be confident that we take the correct approach to every scenario that presents itself.


All forms of subfloor work can be undertaken from Damp proof membranes, plyboarding, latex and screeding, grinding, concrete floor stitching and sealing, right down to the little things like patch repairs and filling small slopes, dips and cracks. We can have on site moisture and damp tests carried and provide a report to ensure things are ready to proceed, should there be a problem... rest assured, we will have a solution to overcome it.


As you can imagine, this is our time to shine & show off what we're really about, but this could go on for ages... so the short version from a long list, Plain & simple.. We install almost every type of floor covering from:

  • Contract Carpet 

  • Carpet Tiles

  • LVT

  • Commercial Safety Flooring

  • Linoleum

  • Rubber Sheet/Tile Flooring

  • Natural Flooring

  • Cork Flooring

  • Leather Flooring

  • Artificial Grass

  • Wood & Laminate Flooring

  • Stair Nosings & Trims

  • Entrance Matting

What are your flooring options?

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