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Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a really great design tool because there’s so much flexibility to make an eye-catching statement on the floor and change the whole feel of the space.

  • Easy to install

  • Easy to maintain

  • Extremely durable

  • Design flexibility

From work-desk areas to meeting rooms, transition, collaboration and quiet zones, carpet tiles work can work to realise great designs, and are an easy solution to create distinctive and comfortable interiors. While a range of weight and thickness of carpet tile options provide for underfoot comfort, there are additional benefits to specifying carpet tiles in terms of occupant comfort.

Carpet tiles as a flooring solution are ideal for spaces that need some kind of noise insulation, such as an office environment. Carpet tiles can absorb sound and reduce impact noise at the source. Acoustic consideration and treatments have become an increasingly important issue in open plan spaces to enable comfortable and productive workspaces.

Carpet tiles themselves come in different shapes and patterns, offering a whole range of choices that can reflect a brand experience or the desired aesthetic of an office or workspace. Carpet tile options include a range of sizes and shapes: from large and small squares to skinny and large planks, and hexagon tiles.

The elementary building block is the square. This shape is the foundation for most product ranges and usually used to create an environment of continuous uninterrupted pattern to flow as needed. Alternatively, the perfect square shape of a carpet tile is also ideal for creating geometric, repeated patterns in an overall installation.

Installing hexagon shape carpet tiles can influence the workspace mood: hexagons can create the feeling of social hives of collaboration, colour and movement. The hexagon reflects the cultural shift toward more collaborative environments – influencing the ways we work, walk, communicate and create.

Plank shape carpet tiles are a popular innovation as they offer the opportunity to create flooring features and allow you to make progressive patterns and colour in your space. The rectangular proportion gives the designer an opportunity to try different installations from herringbone to basket-weave to chevrons.

*credit - Samantha Dawe - Shaw

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