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Leather Flooring

Uber sleek, lavish & stylish, Leather flooring is the way to make a statement.

If leather has one major advantage over conventional flooring materials, it’s the natural warmth and inviting aesthetic it achieves wherever it’s installed. Besides its richness and welcoming effect, leather also exudes a warm, luxurious feel. Benefits to expect are:

  • Aesthetic Appeal

  • Versatility

  • Durability

  • Acoustics


Leather is durable and long-lasting as conventional flooring materials. Although leather will succumb to wear and tear as do most materials, this often enhances its appeal. Depending on their type and application, leather tiles may require a little more care than traditional flooring materials. In many cases, however, a regular vacuuming or sweeping are all that’s needed to enjoy your floor tiling for years to come


The trademark aroma of genuine leather has long signified sophistication, cleanliness, and down-to-earth hospitality.

As leather wears over time, it adds an aged, lived-in look to the environment. This change does not in any way diminish the durability of the leather. In fact, many homeowners claim in spite of normal scuffs and scratches, its appearance improves with age.

Leather helps to achieve a specific ambience in a room or commercial space. They are versatile, acoustically insulating, durable, and easy to maintain.

Given the advantages and potential problem areas listed above, we recommend leather for the following applications: family rooms, dens, home theatres, living and dining rooms, bedrooms, hotels, executive offices, conference rooms, reception areas, hospitality, galleries, museums, libraries, and showrooms.

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